Pink Royal

Pink Royal

From the Midwest seed-bed of indie rock in Lawrence, KS, comes Pink Royal, 5-piece alt-electro-rock-pop with a pulsing energy that is hard to ignore.

Pink Royal make sounds that blend ambient rock, electronica, indie synth-pop and all kinds of musical sexiness. Imagine Muse, MGMT, and Radiohead had a steamy musical orgy with Stevie Wonder, and Pink Royal was born 9 months later. Guthrie on lead vocals is an electrifying performer, and is perfectly tuned to the complexity of the songs that belies their outright funkiness and dance groovability. Sharp guitars, mean synths and punchy beats characterize this young band’s unique sound. Pink Royal will make you believe.

Originally founded by Brit Henry Burling (drums) and local boys Steve LaCour (guitar) and John Killeen (bass) the band has benefited from the input of many talented musicians over the course of their recent genesis. A residency in local music haunt the Jazzhaus and some original recordings were the start of what became Pink Royal, with Chad “Mustard” Smith (Dumptruck Butterlips) on vocal duties. When Henry finished his time in the US and returned to England, Pink Royal journeyed through various concoctions, eventually settling on the current line up to include Alex Hartmann on drums and Nick Carswell on keys. As Mustard hit the road with his other musical projects, this paved the way for Dylan James Guthrie to take the reins with lead vocals, and how! (see video above).

pink royal-neon



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